Dr Stockton & Thompson

Dr Stockton & Thompson Currently Registering New NHS Patients Dr Stockton & Thompson practice is an award winning new practice providing high quality personal primary care for a rapidly increasing number of patients in Middleton and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and efficient service to our patients and continuously strive to improve our services. Why not visit our website www.drstocktonandthompson.co.uk and see what our current patients say about us!

Pride Media Association

Pride Media Association has been an active Community Media Hub and training provider serving communities across Rochdale Borough and further a field for over 14 years.
With the aim of developing people and communities through positive use of the media, Pride Media Association has worked directly with over 3000 people, helping them to achieve I.T. and Media Skills, integrate these skills into their everyday lives and assisting them to make some powerful media products representing their voices, opinions and message

Woodside Medical Centre

The Woodside Medical Centre formally, Langley Group Practice has been serving the population of Langley for over 50 years. The change of name came with new purpose built premises in 1997.
The Partnership in the 50's was one of the first to be established in this area. Dr Peck, Thompson, Glover &Libbert all had practices on Langley. They came together to form the Partnership which lasted at least until their retirement. The stable Partnership and staff service commitment has continued for the Woodside Medical centre, although recently we have seen the retirement of Dr Hyman. In addition to this Dr Maynard has now reduced his session.
Woodside Medical centra, 247 Wood St, Middleton, Manchester M24 5QL
Moving forward we welcomed Dr Kerstin Williams to the practice in March 2014 and RashmiNagappa in September 2015. We offer a range of services at the Woodside Medical Centre to serve the practice population. The Woodside Medical Centre is very keen to work in partnership with Christine Abbott. The importance of breast screening is high on the practice agenda, working with Christine and her ambassadors have brought two organisations together to promote health and well-being of patients on Langley Estate and our registered patients. In addition to this we have been most fortunate to be able to refer patients well and truly in need of food and help with benefits and utility issues such as gas and electric. Those patient have continued to attend Demesne for the company and to become involved in relevant activities available to them.