Our Friday Luncheon Club at Demesne Community Centre has linked up with Bike and Brew at Bowlee Sports Centre.

We were approached by Graham who runs the sessions to see if any of our centre users would be interested in trying out their new accessible cycling opportunity.

Transport was arranged to pick our ladies and gents up from the centre and bring them back in time for lunch. Making it a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Our Friday Luncheon Club jumped at the chance to try out a range of bikes on offer at the sports centre. They all got to try out the different bikes and one lady called Pat came back to the centre, overjoyed as she had got to ride a bike for the first time in her life.

After their first experience with Bike and Brew our pensioners were keen to try it again. We have now arranged weekly visits to Bowlee for the Bike a Brew Session and our Friday Luncheon Club are over the moon.

Some of the participants have advised that after a gentle bike ride it has helped with joint ache and reduced swelling in the ankles. Its great to see them all taking part in something different and they all love it.

Check out some of our ladies and gents in action.