Since the late 1980s, the Demesne's own tenants and residents group has been the voice of Langley. Initially set up to address a problem with a large number of empty houses on Langley, Demesne Action for Residents and Tenants (DART) provides advice to residents as well as working to help improve life on the estate for everyone.

From benefits advice and housing help to anti-social behavior and nuisance neighbours, volunteers at DART have helped hundreds of people over the years.

Advice Sessions

Whilst there is usually a member of DART on hand at Demesne at all times to help people with their problems, the centre also runs a dedicated weekly advise session:

Every Tuesday 1 – 3pm

Get Involved in DART Tenants and residents are also welcome to attend their regular meetings which take place at 7.30pm on the last Thursday of each month at the Demesne Community Centre.

The meetings are an opportunity to discuss wider housing and environmental concerns and get involved in improving the estate
Mal McCall chair of DART, said:“We've had people come to us with all sorts of problems that we have been able to help them with...
We had one family who had been evicted from their home who were living in a tent who we were able to find somewhere to live... There was also a group of residents who overheard on a bus their row of houses was due to be demolished.
They came to us and we fought on their behalf to ensure they were able to stay in their own homes.”

Whatever problems people have, DART can help or put them in touch with someone who can
As well as helping people with their problems, the group also attends a range of meetings to help improve the estate and to ensure its voice is heard.