If Demesne is the voice of Langley then its tenants group is the voice of the estate's residents. For 25-years the Demesne Action for Residents and Tenant's (DART) group has been dispensing advice and helping those in need.
One of those to seek help was 30-year-old Janene Chesters, who received a letter demanding ₤7,000 she didn't have or know she owed.
Officials reckoned that newly-separated Janene owed them thousands in over claimed benefits.
That was when she headed to see the DARTS, who operate from the Asby Close centre.
Janene said: “I was shocked when I received the letter, I'd just separated from my husband and I didn't have anywhere near that sort of money."
DART chair Mal McCall said: “In Janene's case it wasn't something we could directly help her with, but what we did do was put her in touch with the people who could".
“They were able to sort things out for Janene, but without coming to DART first she wouldn't have known what help was out there for her.
“That is why we work hard to keep an extensive list of contacts so that whatever the problem, we know the people that can help.”
“DART put me in contact with the benefits advice centre in Rochdale who told me it was the benefits office who had made a mistake and not me... They apologised and sorted everything out for me. If I hadn't have gone to DART I wouldn't have found out and might have had to borrow money to pay them the money.”