Before Rosalyn Sloane came to Demesne she had no idea she could be suffering from brittle bone disease. Sixty six-year-old Rosalyn, who lives in Braithwaite Road, found out she was at risk of developing the disease after attending one of Demesne's popular health awareness days.
The event offers people the chance to have a range of health checks including a blood pressure test, cholesterol exam, bone density scan and diabetes test all under one roof.
Rosalyn, who was signposted to her GP after the health day, said: “I do a lot of walking and keep fit so I was gobsmacked when I found out I was at risk of brittle bone disease.
“I'm really glad that I came to health day as without it I wouldn't have even known I had a problem. My GP told me it's just something to keep an eye on the minute, but it's better to know now before it's too late.”
The centre also offers Rosalyn, a volunteer at the centre's luncheon club, a much needed break from her caring duties looking after a neighbour.
She added: “It's a huge responsibility caring for someone so being able to come to Demesne a few times a week gives me the respite I need.”