Coming to Demesne is like going back in time for Gretta Brooks. The 76-year-old fondly remembers moving to the estate in 1958 – a memory she relives every time she visits Demesne.
Gretta, who lives on Searness Road, said: “I'm a proud Langley woman. I remember vividly when we first moved to Langley from Harpurhey. It was like heaven, we moved from a house with no electricity and gas to a luxury house in the countryside.
“Coming to Demesne reminds of that sense of community we had when we first moved here. The centre is at the heart of the community and whatever problem you have, whether it’s do with housing or benefits or if you’re a bit lonely and just want a chat it's the place to come to.”
A regular face at Demesne, Gretta takes an active role in life on the estate as a representative on the Langley forum, a monthly meeting held at the centre to thrash out problems.And she was so impressed with the centre and its activities she has even written to the Prime Minister to sing its praises.
She added: “Demesne is the perfect example of a community coming together to better itself. It's the original big society and I though the Prime Minister should know about it as they've been doing it for years.”