Right at the heart of the community

Demesne Community Centre is determined to make a difference to everyone who comes through their door. Since 1978, the centrer on Asby Close has been at the heart of life in Langley, one of Europe's largest council estates in Middleton, Manchester. Whether it's their pre-school nursery, pensioner's luncheon club or tenant’s group, Demesne has been the hub of the community for over 30 years.


Demesne provides a wide-variety of activities for all ages run by the centre staff and an army of volunteers as well as providing an accessible venue for other community groups and agencies to hire and deliver their own activities, meetings, and courses.

Centre manager Christine Abbott says…..

“From cradle to grave, there is something at Demesne for everyone we see. Whether it's a teenager looking for something to do, a resident with a problem or a pensioner who is lonely and wants a cup of tea and a chat with someone, we can help them. Whoever comes through the door, whatever their need or problem, we can help them or signpost them to someone who can.”

Friendly & diverse

The Centre’s friendly atmosphere and diverse timetable of courses, social clubs, and Councillors, MP’s and tenant’s advice surgeries attract hundreds of people to Demesne each week.

Demesne Community Centre
Asby Close
M24 4JF
T: 0161653 2902

Opening times

9am - 4.30pm
9am - 4.30pm
9am - 4.30pm
9am - 4.30pm
9am - 4.30pm